Norberto Patrignani – Computer Ethics

The point where we started the 101 investigation Computer Ethics Professor Norberto Patrignani talk about how we could learn from the 101's tale
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’60 opinions about computer

Excuse me, what do you think about computer? a very intersting reportage by a british television: a street investigation about the impact of computers.
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Personal Family Album Award

YOU AND YOUR FIRST DIGITAL LOVER - Take a look in your cave, switch on and shoot! Take and send us a picture of you and your first personal computer (shooted with all camera you want) …and take part in the ...
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Mario Bellini – Architect and Designer

The parable of the relationship between man and computer from the point of one of the famous designer and the architect all over the world.
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Bruce Sterling – S.F. Writer

"We are very, very, very far form the end of the list. Every computer  that we know now will die" Bruce Sterling: an American science fiction author, one of the founder of cyberpunk genre
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Accademia del Software e dell’Hardware libero

Accademia del Softwa...


IVREA, febbruary  1 2011. the opening of the FREE HD&SW accademy

Arduino The Documentary now online

Arduino The Document...


Arduino The Documentary is finally out. We have been waiting for long, but now you can see it at Vimeo (EN, ES) and ...

Old data

Old data...


who help me to fix and recover my first Pc? by Carlo Emilio Zummo

Video message

Video message...


A video message to 101's developers from Palo Alto - California by Robert Martinelli




Could a 1960's computer became a movie director? When you haven't enough power you have to sharpen your brain

Isaac Kerlow

Isaac Kerlow...


immagining  the future