Here, Olivetti’s employers talk about Olivetti… and the Olivetti way. Soon we will ask you to imagine the world if Olivetti’s idea would be the mainstream in IT.

101 all’Accademia dell’Hardware e Software Libero

101 all’Accade...


L’Accademia dell'Hardware e Software Libero "Adriano Olivetti", la Fondazione Natale Capellaro con il Laboratorio-Museo Tecnologic@mente

Accademia del Software e dell’Hardware libero

Accademia del Softwa...


IVREA, febbruary  1 2011. the opening of the FREE HD&SW accademy

Olivetti blues

Olivetti blues...


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Olivetti Posters

Olivetti Posters...


a video collection about the best posters produced by Olivetti

Adriano and the Olivetti aesthetics

Adriano and the Oliv...


Older employees talk about the eccentric personality of Adriano Olivetti and the Olivetti aesthetics.

Olivetti exhibit

Olivetti exhibit...


"Olivetti una bella società" from Torino World Design Capital. Video editing by Massimo Cuaz e Roberto Minetti

IDEA Olivetti

How would be the world if Steve Jobs e Bill Gates were two Olivetti's employers?